MS does not have to be a disabling condition

Of course, when one is given the diagnosis of MS, the initial fear is “what will happen to me?”
The goal of this MS Center is to prevent disability, whether this involves strength, balance, vision or cognition. Our understanding and treatment opinions with MS had finally gotten to where breast cancer was 20 years ago: early diagnosis, early treatment and most patients will have control of their MS.
Control of MS involves many aspects of health: good nutrition, exercise, no smoking, a positive outlook, belief in yourself, having good and loving support from family and friends. The choice of specific MS medication is important for most MS patients to control the underlying disease process but with all of the other aspects involved.
Any treatment for MS needs to 1.effective 2. Safe 3. Free of side effects
Effective can be measured in several ways: 1. No attacks 2. No progression of disability 3. No new lesions on MRI. This could be regarded as The Holy Trinity.
Safe means no toxicity or injury to your organs or blood. Free of side effects means there may be some temporary minor side effects but nothing that disrupts your day or productivity.

By Dr. Keith Edwards, Director April 6,2015