Our Vision

Currently MS cannot be cured by early diagnosis and treatment, but the majority of MS patients can lead a productive and nearly symptom-free life.  Our near-term vision is that patients will know their options for care and that they will be able to access that care.

Our long-term vision is to cure MS.  This will not be achieved by our Center or any one MS Center but by the collective efforts of many over the decades.  The cure of MS will occur.  We do not know when, but it will be achieved.  There are many forms of MS and there will be many patients with physical and cognitive disability from MS damage who will need on going treatment.  We are always amazed at the power of positive thinking.  We try to empower our patients and have our staff encourage our patients with the power of positive thinking every day as this is an immeasurable force and a part of the mission and recovery for each patient.