Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Edwards had suggested that I share the video of me cantering on “Mr. Big” because he was very pleased to hear about how I have used horseback riding to improve my balance and leg strength. I was a little hesitant to share it because, as an MS patient, it has been difficult, at times, to read about the activities enjoyed by other MS patients when I could not imagine bicycling, running or skiing. Over the past year I have participated in physical therapy, gait training and started swimming to get moving. Three years ago I started horseback riding with an instructor who matched me with horses according to my abilities. It all helped tremendously and brought me to the point where…well, you can see that I have become a confident and able rider on that big, ole thoroughbred. All this is testament to Dr. Edwards care and his insistence that I do any activity I feel I can manage. I told him that the more I move, the better I feel. Thank you for sharing this.”

(Interviewed on July of 2016)

Patient of Dr. Edwards participating in research trial undergoing a new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (Alemtuzumab trial) – Interviewed on August 6, 2009

How do you feel about the new treatment that you are undergoing ?
I am on the Alemtuzumab trial and am walking so much better than in the last 13 months. It is like I have my “life back”. I feel blessed to be picked for this study. I have the satisfaction of being on this medication for the right reasons.

How do you feel about our center and our service?

I love it. I am impressed. Dr. Edwards is phenomenal ! Very dedicated, caring. He took the time to meet my family,explain to my 14 year old daughter about my MS and encouraged her to ask questions. Dr. Edwards is honest and forthright about the new medication and never kept me in the dark about the risks. Jim is wonderful.

– L.A.C
Patient since 2009